More than ever, we’re able to see when we’re being sold something. With x-ray vision, we look through an ad’s gimmicks and know exactly what’s behind it. We may laugh, but we’re not sold. And maybe broad, sweeping strokes worked in the past, but only because we were forced to watch ads accompanying our favorite programs, not to mention we had fewer things to choose from. But with the internet, the power has shifted to the people. If a company doesn’t focus on its niche or micro-niche market, at least when it’s starting out, it’s likely to fail; and if a company tries to reach everyone by promising something it can’t deliver, or someone doesn’t like what it’s selling, or the quality has dipped, people will know.
     Just think about your own consumer habits. What compels you to buy a product or investigate a little further? Do you click on banners? Do you pay attention to youtube ads? Do you enjoy websites saturated with popups? If you’re like the rest of the world, you’ve probably developed a keen ability to see right through an ad, and if you’re like me, it gives you a visceral reaction.
     The internet has changed the way we conduct business. It’s not about buying a product anymore; it’s about buying a lifestyle. We’re joining communities of people who share the same ideas as us, and the money we pay is nothing more than the cost of admission. Not only do we get a great product, but more importantly, we get the ability to relate to others who have identified themselves with the community, and by extension, us. So what’s your story, because this is ours: we want to reach out to you, our community, normal people like us who think they have something to share with the world, and we want to show you how to share your message in a way that’s different than what we’re used to seeing.
Don’t let all the information and resources on the internet bury your business alive. Start using it to your advantage today.